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Plymouth Lib Dem Local Election Candidates 2019

April 15, 2019 11:51 AM

Sima Davarian

Plymstock Dunstone - Sima Davarian

I'm a Plymothian to my core, having been born in Freedom Fields Hospital. I'm really proud of my diverse family background, with my maternal roots being traceable to Ireland and Germany, and my father having emigrated here from Iran several decades ago.

My childhood was based in Plymstock and I attended local primary and secondary schools before reading English Literature at Cardiff University. I have been fortunate enough to travel in some wonderful countries but Plymouth has always had my heart.

I have been a secondary English school teacher for 13 years and it is a pleasure to work with colleagues across the city from a variety of schools and other settings to have a positive impact on our students. I also actively campaign to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer, working with local and national organisations to contribute towards improving patients' experiences.

I live locally with my husband, young daughter and our mischievous cats, who can often be seen surveying our busy street!

Roy Plumley

Plymstock Radford - Roy Plumley

Radford is home to me, a place where I have lived in and served most of my working life. I will always have a visible presence and was privileged to serve our Country in a variety of roles, and now I've become what they call a "Veteran".

As a volunteer, I have been a Ranger and Plymouth Area Co-ordinator for the National Cycle Network. I am also active with other Radford and Plymouth area organisations which seek to improve and preserve the environment and our heritage. I am hands on, having taken part in local efforts to fight the scourge of discarded plastic and other insidious litter.

If elected I will, on behalf of the community, make sure I have strong links with our local Police, who have been shamelessly reduced over the years; as we know from the recent knife crime explosion, which hopefully will not reach our community.

I will press for a reverse in the lamentable state of our roads, encourage community groups, wherever possible, and scrutinise any matter which affects our green spaces and environment.

I believe there is plenty of scope for unused land to be planted with trees and wildflower areas and will encourage sponsorship for these ventures.


Compton - Stuart Spicer

I have been actively involved with Plymouth Lib Dems for several years and previously stood as a candidate in St Budeaux in 2018. I work at Plymouth University, where I am doing a PhD in Psychology and teach on a part-time basis. Prior to this I spent several years working in the care sector.

My priorities include enhancing our local environment, by preventing tree loss, stopping the use of single-use plastics, reducing damaging vehicle emissions, and enhancing our green spaces. I also want to see action on litter and fly-tipping, and an improvement to local mental health support services.

I am concerned about the potential impact of Brexit on Plymouth's prosperity. By the time you read this, much will have changed but I strongly believe in a public vote on the final deal. I will continue to support a close working relationship with the rest of Europe, including the EU, our closest ally and trading partner.


Plympton Erle - Dennis Draper

Originally from Tavistock but back in Plymouth since 2006. I worked in local government for Plymouth and Swindon Councils for 21 years in a health and safety enforcement role. After leaving local government I worked for international health and safety consultancies in Abingdon and Caerphilly as well as Group Health, Safety and Fire Officer for WH Smith at their Swindon HQ.

Over the years it's been shocking to see how poorly funded our local authorities have become with so much of the national cake being devoted to grand national schemes which bring little if any benefit to the Westcountry in general and Plymouth in particular. Local authority services have been cut to the bone leading to care homes closing or being privatised and the ridiculous situation of potholes appearing everywhere.

Liberal Democrats have a good reputation of campaigning for and getting improved local services in many local authorities and this is what my endeavours will be focused on in Plympton Erle ward and Plymouth at large.

Fleur Ball

Devonport - Fleur Ball

Fleur has lived and worked most of her life in Devon, moving to Plymouth 30 years ago. She spent many years at Derriford Hospital, then left to work for the shop worker's trade union and run her own business. She is a volunteer at one of Plymouth's food banks.

Fleur recognises Devonport has its own identity and that most residents want that retained and strengthened, especially with local jobs and amenities. She wants to help improve shopping facilities and easier access to NHS doctors and dentists. "The Dockyard is still vital to Plymouth's economy," she said. "Now it is also offering greater independent opportunities which must be encouraged."

She will fight for the same educational opportunities for all children across the ward and for more play areas and greener open spaces.

Alex Primmer

Efford & Lipson - Alex Primmer

Having been born in Freedom Fields and living my life in our wonderful city, I have an understanding of what makes it tick and a drive to unlock its potential.

As Plymouth grows, my ambition is to support our small businesses and start-up companies to really reach their potential, after all the market stall of today might be the multinational of tomorrow. Unlike others, I want to balance this drive to improve our economy by supporting development that is sensitive and sustainable to our beautiful environment and offers what people want.

Plymouth has more than 260,000 residents and I believe the most successful councillors will listen to them and act upon what's important to them. I want to push our city from being the hidden gem it already is to being the envy of the South West and wider UK. Vote Liberal Democrat to elect a fresh council with a fresh approach to running Plymouth the right way, to make it a city we can be proud of, and even prouder to pass on to our children.

Richard Simpson

Eggbuckland - Richard Simpson

After 9 years as an Officer in the Royal Navy, I trained to teach in Plymouth, at the college of St. Mark and St. John, as it was then, and have been teaching in Plymouth and Devon for the last 28 years. I have been happily married for 31 years and have three grown-up sons, two of whom are themselves married and working, while the youngest is still at University. My naval career brought me to Plymouth, where I have lived for the last 31 years and am delighted to be in such a fantastic location.

I joined the Liberal Democrat party in the 1990s and am more convinced than ever that they offer the best way forward for Britain nationally, at the present time. Plymouth Liberal Democrats are proud of our city. However, its distance from London means it has been overlooked and neglected by central Government for too long. We would seek an end to political infighting and to rebuild rational, compassionate politics.

As a councillor, I would work hard for Eggbuckland and seek solutions which are practical, creative and evidence-based. There are particular traffic congestion problems in parts of Eggbuckland, such as those around the Crownhill village, where traffic emerges from Morshead Road on to Tavistock Road, which need a solution to reduce the hazard risk. There are issues of pot holes, improved bus services and social care which all parties will seek to address; if elected I would aim to work with the other parties to ensure these are effectively sorted out. I am passionate about environmental issues and would push for more effective recycling measures in line with the recent climate emergency declared in the city.

Jim Spencer

Moor View - Jim Spencer

I have lived in Plymouth since 1984. Before retiring I worked in the Public Sector. Although not a Plymothian, I have come to regard Plymouth as my City, feeling comfortable and at home here.

Over the past 30 years Plymouth has changed and grown. I want the City to continue to develop and prosper and believe Plymothians should be consulted more on what happens in the City to help inform the decision-making.

Housing, transport and defence issues are important to me but what we need is for the Council to start doing the basics in such matters as cleansing, recycling and repairing potholes.

If elected I will focus on listening to my electors and pursuing their concerns.

Jacqui Spencer

Southway - Jacqui Spencer

I was born in Plymouth and benefitted from a good education at Devonport High School for girls. I then moved away to attend university, followed by employment in the Public Sector. I returned to Plymouth 30 years ago as soon as the opportunity arose.

Plymouth is a great place to live but has definitely not reached its potential. We need to encourage more high-quality businesses into the City to enable our young people to pursue careers here rather than assume that they need to move away. The poor transport links are a hindrance to this and we need to pursue this matter with central government as a matter of urgency.

We need to provide more reasonably priced accommodation for the young and for families. Our young people are the future of our City and we need to retain their talents to enable the City to grow and prosper.

Hugh Janes

St Peter and the Waterfront - Hugh Janes

Hugh has lived in the ward for 25 years and considers it vital to Plymouth's economy. "It is a hub for tourism and public events. It was a disgrace that the Sutton Harbour footbridge was closed for over two years. It damaged the economy and tourism. We need councillors who will fight for businesses and amenities."

He wants to stop the proliferation of ugly, tall buildings ruining the city and supports Hoe Neighbourhood Forum's fight to prevent more erosion of the Conservation Area. "Plymouth is well-placed to lead on the green economy and I'd push for this. In the meantime we can increase our recycling, continue the fight against single-use plastic and plant more trees. Parts of the ward are a mess with fly-tipping and rubbish. I want a greener, safer city."

Hugh is concerned Mayflower 400 will not deliver the legacy the city needs. "In under a year Plymouth will be on the world's stage and we need a world-class attraction for that, not just for 2020 but for Plymouth's future."


Stoke - Connor Clarke

I lived for over ten years adjacent to Blockhouse Park, in the heart of Stoke, and after Primary School I was fortunate to be a student at Stoke Damerel Community College. I am well aware of the important role our schools have in their communities and how they must receive proper support locally and nationally to continue inspiring our younger generations. It is thanks to my early education and the support I received, that I was able to go to Plymouth University.

My priorities include: ensuring mental health is treated the same as physical health and for facilities across the city to be expanded, with a reduction on waiting-list times. Stoke is fortunate with its array of green-spaces and parks but that is no guarantee the air we breathe is clean and safe and I will fight to change that. Stoke is also home to many local and independent businesses and their success is also Plymouth's success.

Peter York

Sutton & Mount Gould - Peter York

As the Liberal Democrat candidate for Sutton and Mount Gould Ward, I am proud and delighted to say that Lib Dems are keeping the local elections as they should be - local. The things that matter to us are very important to you; potholes, dog mess, transport, employment, environment, education, health, and ensuring that green areas are kept green, clean and not built on.

As for housing, I want to see more council houses available to the many people who are unable to afford deposits, either on private or rented accommodation.

Regarding employment, the skills of the dockyard coupled with Plymouth University and its wave and wind knowledge, could perhaps generate some of its own power? As I live in Sutton and Mount Gould I am well aware of its problems and as the ward councillor I would be able to do much more with my many years of experience and loyalty to the ward.

Jeffrey Hall

Drake - Jeff Hall

I am the liberal Democrat candidate for your ward. I have lived and worked in the Drake Ward, Plymouth all my life and I know the problems we face and the issues that need to be addressed.

The Drake ward is an eclectic mix of university life, local residents and commercial premises. With so many houses divided into multiple occupation, this has led to an extra burden on housing, parking and other social issues.

If elected I will as a councillor seek to get more funding to addressing these issues. Drake needs a true local Councillor and it deserves better.


Ham - Mike Gillbard

Mike is a former teacher, now semi-retired, working in the community. A Cornishman, he has chosen to live in Plymouth, and has worked and lived in the city for 14 years.

As a former Chair of the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry Committee, he strongly supports the campaign for Government help to reduce the cost of tolls.

Mike is a keen environmentalist, recently helping with the beach clean up on the Hoe Waterfront. He will encourage more re-use and strive to make it easier to recycle to improve the city's performance in this important issue.

There is a desperate need for more social and affordable housing in Plymouth, and less new student accommodation.


Honicknowle - Lloyd Jones

I recently moved back to Plymouth, where I live with my partner and our daughter (due in July!). Having spent some time living abroad, I can say that it's certainly great to be back in our wonderful city - Rain n' all.

I work as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a US company, a position I've held since 2013. Prior to that, I worked as a web developer since graduating with a Computer Science degree from The University of Plymouth.

In my spare time I like to read, walk and better my understanding of the world around us.

If you choose me as your local councillor, I will:

- Be a much-needed voice of reason between the extremes of Labour and The Conservatives on our council
- Scrutinise spending, to make sure that council tax works hard for you
- Encourage more council spending on Honicknowle Green to improve the look of this communal space
- Give Honicknowle a clear voice in the council chamber

Richard Lawrie

Peverell - Richard Lawrie

I've held a range of roles and responsibilities, starting as an apprentice in Glasgow. I re-located to Kent as a student, and subsequently taught in schools. I then taught in tech college while I did a further degree, before moving on to teaching in Further Education & Higher Education; hence I moved to Plymouth. I have since been a union rep, school governor and otherwise been involved in community affairs. I've lived in Peverell for 20 years, although I had started working in Plymouth some time before.

I am passionate about ensuring Plymouth's continued prosperity and continued development. Over the years, I have acquired a range of skills and experience that would enable me to work effectively as a councillor, representing the people of Peverell and the city in its entirety.

Plympton St Mary - Thomas Heard