Luke Pollard MP’s Brexit Debate - 13/1/19

January 18, 2019 3:25 PM


About 250 people attended Luke's 9th Brexit debate in the Guildhall, which was open to everyone. The MP for Plymouth Sutton & Devonport gave his views, informed us of the current situation, heard a range of opinions and ideas and took questions on all aspects of our changing relationship with Europe.

Luke is voting against the Prime Minister's deal and supporting the Labour party's six tests, which her deal doesn't meet. He has produced ten Brexit Principles for Plymouth, which include support for fishing, manufacturing and Erasmus, the retention of European environmental protections and maintenance of high regulatory standards for our food. These are very much in line with Liberal Democrat views.

On the People's Vote, he believes all options should be kept open in the event a deal cannot be agreed in Parliament.

He thinks the Government should have welcomed EU Citizens living here instead of charging them £65 to register for 'settled status', which will lead to chaos in the future. He is also concerned about the rights of UK Citizens living in Europe who have been "poorly heard".

Of the Government's 107 Notices in preparation for No Deal, he thinks it helpful something has been done but found only a few partly enacted or were more than advice.

The No Deal preparations aren't encouraging, with a shortage of agricultural and hospital workers coming from the EU. Over 10,000 trucks a day use Dover and though the additional ferries to Millbay are welcome, the area cannot safely support a huge increase in transport.

Luke wants more cross-party working; there is virtually none in the current Parliament.

Many asked how to heal our divided nation and he thinks unless Parliament unites over Brexit and answers the major questions together, it will be harder to bring people together.

No Deal statistics showed a near 10% decline in UK GDP as a result. He noted the complications of WTO and how hard it will be to export. He is against No Deal and finds Norway+ better but not as good as what we have currently.

This was a very informed, respectful and helpful two hours and Luke left us with the thought that we have two ears and one mouth and should use them in that proportion.

Plymouth Liberal Democrats thank him and are grateful for his time and information.