Lib Dem 2018 Brighton Conference

September 26, 2018 4:37 PM

Here is a brief summary of the recent party Conference in Brighton, from our local party Chair.

Jim and Vince

'I spent two days at Conference moving swiftly between the two venues to attend various speeches and learning events. For me the highlights have to be the speeches from three Liberal Democrat MP's.

Tom Brake exposed the chaos surrounding Brexit and encouraged MPs of all persuasions to call for a People's Vote if they saw that their constituents would be harmed by the outcome of negotiations.

Layla Moran spoke passionately about our education system. How it worked for some and at the same time disadvantaged many pupils.

Finally Jo Swinson spoke about the Coalition and the Party's future ambitions. The Party should be proud of its achievements but should acknowledge the failures and learn from them. She was pleased that her baby son was first to be in the Commons Chamber during a working session.

There were many and varied learning opportunities. Jacqui and I concentrated on events involving fund raising and campaigning. We came away with many interesting ideas for consideration and perhaps implementation.

This was our first time at Conference. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend a visit next year to anyone interested.'

Jim Spencer

Chair Plymouth Liberal Democrat's