Plymouth members meet Wera Hobhouse in Cornwall

July 2, 2018 1:00 PM

Wera Hobhouse

On Saturday 30th June some members crossed the River Tamar to meet Wera Hobhouse MP, the LibDem spokesperson on Housing, Communities & Local Government. The event was hosted by SE Cornwall Liberal Democrats and provided an opportunity to exchange ideas with our neighbours and meet the new MP for Bath.

Wera recently made national headlines when her Private Member's Bill to add 'upskirting' to the Sexual Offences Act was blocked by lone Conservative back-bencher Christopher Chope. This 'own goal' was hugely embarrassing for the Government and Wera was subsequently assured that her Bill would become law. Very few Private Member's Bills ever see the light of day, so this is a significant landmark for Wera and our party. It once again proves that liberal values play an important part in our society and that we are still able to punch well above our weight.

Plymouth's LibDems received great encouragement from the MP over the upcoming Stoke by-election and were able to discuss a wide range of topics with her from housing to Brexit. Wera said, "We are losing seven to ten thousand social housing homes net every year through Right to Buy. The Liberal Democrats want to build 50,000 social homes a year specifically for public housing. We believe in the common good and helping people who need it most."

Wera, a co-founder of the influential 'Bath For Europe' campaign group described Brexit as, "Trying to make an egg out of an omelette."