Vince Cable visits Plymouth

July 29, 2017 7:22 PM

Plymouth extended a very warm welcome to our new leader on his first visit to members and supporters outside London on Friday 21st July. Members had travelled from as far afield as St Ives and North Devon to question Vince on his views, policies and outlook for the future of the party.

Brexit was a major issue - engendering much discussion.

In turn Vince wanted to hear our thoughts and feelings on issues pertaining to Devon and Cornwall. He showed an extensive knowledge of our small unique businesses such as IT and specialised engineering projects.

He talked about many of the green policies enacted when the Liberal Democrats were in government such as the green investment bank, energy efficiency schemes, support for clean tech - and how the Conservatives have become hostile to green issues post coalition. He also said that green issues are not on Labour's policy agenda. Local member Stuart Spicer said, "It looks Vince is well placed to recapture some of our lost environmental focus."

Local Liberal Democrat Staurt meets Vince Cable

Local Liberal Democrat member Stuart Spicer meets Vince Cable

Vince Cable impressed by his calm , measured, experienced, modest and sometimes humorous demeanor - a great beginning to the regeneration of our party