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Plymouth Liberal Democrats

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What The Liberal Democrat Manifesto Means for Plymouth

May 19, 2017 12:51 PM

The Liberal Democrat manifesto launched this week, here are some of the highlights of how it would benefit the people of Plymouth.



The Liberal Democrats promise an additional £6 billion a year to the NHS and social care, £1 billion of this is earmarked for mental health. Waiting times for mental health care will be made to match those for physical health care. The Liberal Democrats would give an extra £9.6 million to social care in Plymouth, with a cap on the amount elderly people have to pay. This will be funded by adding 1p to income tax. These measures are widely supported by many health care heads and professional bodies and will help deliver complete healthcare for Plymouth.


Liberal Democrats would invest an extra £7bn a year in schools. We will reverse Tory funding cuts to schools and colleges in Plymouth, amounting to £25 million. £2.4m of the funding will be spent on protecting Plymouth's Pupil Premium, that was introduced by the Lib Dems to help the most disadvantaged children. The Early Years Pupil Premium will be trebled to £1000. This extra funding would ensure no school loses out and every child has the opportunity to succeed.

We will reinstate maintenance grants for the poorest students attending university, and make sure that there are no more retrospective rises in interest rates or selling off of loans to private companies.


The Liberal Democrats will:

  • restore Housing Benefit for 18-21year olds,
  • extend free childcare to all two-year olds
  • protect the Triple Lock on pensions

This means many more people in Plymouth can benefit.


For years both Tory and Labour governments have fudged decent transport links to Plymouth. We will fight for a proper second railway line, with electrification, and upgrading the A38.

16-21 year olds will be etitled to two-thirds off bus travel.

Cycle routes within the city will be improved.


We will double the number of businesses offering apprenticeships. This will be especially important to Plymouth's colleges of further education and for young people following vocational courses.

We will end the 1% public sector pay cap, benefiting thousands of workers in Plymouth.

We will support Plymouth entrepreneurs by creating a new "start up allowance" to help those starting a new business with living costs.

We will review business rates to reduce burdens on Plymouth small firms.


The Liberal Democrats would negotiate a deal that maintains Britain's access to the single market. Plymouth has 1% of Britain's exports but 68% of them are to Europe. The USA and Canada lag way behind with 8% each. Maintaining good links to the EU is vital to Plymouth's economy.


We will expand renewable energy to generate 60% of electricity by 2030. This offers big benefits to Plymouth businesses and people who are already invested in green technology. Before the Tory government cut feed-in tariff solar power was expanding here and we believe Plymouth could be at the forefront of wave, wind and solar power.

We will work to improve air quality in the city.


We support former LibDem leader Paddy Ashdown's fight to protect Plymouth's Royal Marines from government cuts. We have committed to spend 2% of our GDP on defence, in line with NATO guidelines, and to continue with the Dreadnought submarine programme (Trident).


As one of the major law enforcement bodies in the UK, Devon & Cornwall Police would receive a percentage of an additional £300m. This will start to reverse the 22% real term reduction and mean better protection for the people of Plymouth.


Over 12,000 people are on the council waiting list and we want all the people of Plymouth to have a decent home.

The Liberal Democrats will:

  • introduce a legal requirement for smaller housing developments to include affordable homes
  • make it easier for local authorities and housing associations to borrow money to build new home

Additionally we will improve conditions for people renting homes.